The name's Envy. I'm a shape-shifting homunculus, and I'll kill you without hesitation if you get in my fuckin' way. Underestimate me, you'll be sorry. Got a problem? It'll be your funeral.

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Anyone would be a fool to believe Envy actually felt anything towards his ‘family’ other than pure resentment. Absolute hatred. As a human, he had been kicked to the streets from the start. So why was it he longed to return to that state once again? Would the torture he felt daily finally be sufficed? He didn’t know, and he didn’t care. Revenge was all he needed, and he would sacrifice anything even for just a taste. All the lives he had taken over the years, the uncountable numbers of woman, children, and innocent men he had brutally slaughtered— they were all irrelevant compared to what he needed now. 

They left me to rot.

The homunculus didn’t want ‘love’, no. It wasn’t as if he didn’t purposely make himself despised by every living creature without a reason. Surprisingly, there was some form of logic behind his mindset. Turn everyone against you, and there’s nothing to lose. The last two people he wanted any sort of sympathy from was that old hag, and him.


But— as much of his time he had spent devoted to his plotting to destroy that man for all he had put him through, nothing ever came out of it. No amount of innocent blood split would be enough to quench his thirst for that particular blood. He hadn’t wanted to die… not just yet. But it seemed as if now, his only motivation was slowly slipping though his fingers.

Bitches…” Hearing his own sneer crack in the midst of the word caused his ill-suited grin to quickly fade away. Tensed hands jerked from his sides into his line of vision, before the homunculus jerked his head away to snap his eyelids shut. Perfect, just what he needed. To fall to a point so low as to let people into his head enough to make him fucking shake. Fan-fucking-tastic. He dug his nails into his palms purposely with enough force to break a few layers of skin, grinding down on his back molars through a clenched jaw. He didn’t really need his teeth, did he? The matter of seconds it took for the small, crescent shaped severs within his fists to heal was all too brief. Why couldn’t the pain last? Crouching to the earth, a furious bay rumbled from deep within the homunculi’s chest. As the fist struck the base of the adjacent tree, the noise flared through parted lips to roar in synchronization with the crackle of oak through the dry air as the broad fist plunged through it’s base. 

Headcanon #4; Worthless trash

Humans have no meaning. Nothing will change that. No matter what they do, they seem to continuously rip the world apart, one word at a time. In what way are they a benefit to us? It’s simple, they aren’t, they’re worthless. But— why is it that I feel no different? You’re delirious if you think I would ever put myself on the same level as those maggots. But… What exactly is my purpose? The homunculi were created to destroy. Since the time of our births nothing has been kept sacred. After all, why should it be?

All I’ve done throughout my life time is kill. And fuck, it feels so good. People want to know why I’m such a monster? Tch. What kind of a question is that? We’re all monsters. So what if my sense of pleasure is fucked up compared to yours? That’s just the way I am. The only excitement I receive… The only thing that actually makes me care about pushing on… Is watching them suffer. Watching the life leave their eyes. And that’s why I will stay here, I will push on until the day in which I taste the sweet revengene on my tongue. They will get what they deserve, and I will savor every minute of it.

You humans throw the word “love” around like it’s nothing, when you probably don’t even really know what the word itself means. You want to know what it means to be loved? It means you’re devoted. It means you ain’t gonna fuckin’ walk out that door the minute they do something wrong. How would I know, you ask? Take it from someone who’s never been anything more than a tool. My so called “family” couldn’t give two flying fucks what happens to be. Lust only needed me for her own selfish plan. The same went for Greed. Homunculi are selfish and ravenous for power. If you think we actually care about each other, you’re sadly mistaken. I am no exception.

I will have my revenge upon Hohenheim. I will watch the agony consume him— the agony I endured for years. And it will taste sweeter than the blood of any innocent human.

cromwell-restrictions: "-Slowly grins- And how are you going to stop me kid?"

"I don’t think you want to know."

cromwell-restrictions: "It's only awkward if you make it awkward kid."

"Listen, pal. Callin’ me kid ain’t a good idea. I’m the only one who’ll be doin’ the name-calling around here.” 

Anonymous: "i personally wouldn't mind seeing you in your birthday suit. just saying... ;)"


"Nice try."

Anonymous: "Correct me if I'm wrong but I felt like you were softening up a little toward the end of Brotherhood. But I felt like you didn't want to admit it because you were scared of something."

"What do you expect me to say to that, grey-face?" Envy shook his head subtly, letting out a forced sigh somewhat out of aggravation. "You expect me to go along with that? To just say "Yeah, you’re right. I’m really a good guy deep down”? Because I’m not a good guy. I never will be that guy. I’m frozen down to the bone. And that’s just something yer’ gonna have to learn to except. There is no happy ending for me.”


… A crossdresser?

Tch— you anons have so much to learn.